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topic posted Thu, May 19, 2005 - 6:49 PM by  Stillfire
I am considering going back to school to become licensed to practice psychotherapy. I am trying to decide between an MFT or an LCSW track. I think I ahve decided that a PHD/PsyD is too much work/$ for not enough difference in pay or opportunity. I am primarily interested in a private psychotherapy practice. I am already trained in Hakomi body-centered therapy.

I am wondering if anyone from either path could talk with me--I would love it if I could call you--or I can give you my # if you email me.

Some questions:

Is it true that more insurance companies cover those w/ an LCSW than an MFT?

Has anyone done a state school program for an MFT track? (instead of the expensive yet popular alternative ones like CIIS, JFK--just can't afford them!)

Any information about what happens if you move out of state w/ an MFT? What do you have to do to be validated in other states?

Any info as to the differences in difficulty/workload between the 2 programs? I know there is a written exam at the end of the MFT track for licensure (used to be oral I guess)--what about for an LCSW?

Thanks--I appreciate and info that anyone can offer and if you would be willing to talk--please send me a message.
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